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Embrace the perfection of healthy and comfortable body shaping where you’ll feel the comfort of our products on your skin. Feel the absence of a protruding abdomen, where your hips are shaped to perfection.

Enjoy a new you with a slimmer waist, legs and better body shape. Feel the cool air with a reduced body temperature, and better posture.

❶ Break through the restraint of traditional plastic products and to achieve an even better slimming experience

❷ At Finelycup, we view body fat as cotton where in the absence of stress, the volume of cotton can be very large. However, simply apply some pressure and the size of the cotton can instantly reduced. In the same way, our body’s fat is also the same.

❸ It’s easy to be thin with our fat burning fabric, the most advanced black technology fabric imported from Italy. Lightweight and breathable it sticks close to the body to burn fat and enhance metabolism 24 hours a day, everyday.


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