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“Nothing makes a woman more Beautiful than the Believe that she is Beautiful.”

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Welcome to our website. Finelycup specializes in lingerie, bras, shapewear and corsets. Feel free to browse our latest and sexiest collection.

Why Finelycup?

At Finelycup, we combine elegance with comfort by providing you with the latest lingerie designs in the market. Our wireless bras provide excellent bust support even without the use of wires. Should you want to highlight your cleavage, do check out our modern and sexy pushup bras



乳房是由血管、腺管、淋巴管等组成。如果每天拿钢圈文胸卡8小时以上,日积月累,就会造成小叶增生、乳腺增生、节结结块、纤维瘤、囊肿、最后演变成重大疾病!乳腺增生不一定会得乳腺癌,但乳腺癌 一定 是由乳腺增生演变而来的。

所以,请呵护您的乳房,为了自己的健康❤, 丢掉您的钢圈内衣,选择梵妳卡波内衣,为您的乳房保驾护航!❤❤❤


Finelycup Elegance

Our graceful collection highlights your curves with elegance from the cup to the shoulder.

Finelycup Beauty

Discover a new and more charming you with our lingerie designed to bring out and highlight your beauty.

Finelycup Comfort

At Finelycup, we understand the importance of both comfort and beauty. Feel free and lighter with us today!

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